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GMC Sierra Bed Rack Short Bed Stub Rack

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GMC Sierra Stub Rack

GMC Sierra Stub Bed Rack fits Silverado, Trail Boss LT, ZR2 and all other models. Fitment years 2014 to 2024. 

Our newest addition to the Ruff Rax family. 

The newest rack now 14 inches tall and allows for a more arrow dynamic ride when an RTT is on the rack. Also Available are the new inside molle panels.

Also equipped with Rigid Chase cutouts on the back cross member.

Bed Rack Components: Base Plates (2) Side Uprights (6) Cross Members (3) Center Spines (2) Other options include center spines supports for smaller RTT's. Also Includes four (4) Hybrid Molle Panels and Hardware kit for rack and molle panels.

Our Modular Platform allows you the freedom of multiple equipment configurations without having to change the bed rack system. Simply add parts, move panels or add attachments we offer to adjust the rack to your different needs, in other words, you can make it your own!

All bed rack components are made from steel. This allows us to create a sturdy bed rack system for your overlanding experience. We also have selected a premium powder coat finish for a worry-free finish on all Ruff Rax manufactured parts.

** Freight at checkout is an estimate. additional cost may apply.

*** If wanting grab handles the rack requires the 6-inch version of the handles. Items are in the accessories part of the site. 



A note about our modular rack system

Our Overland Ruff Tax Modular Design Platform uses a modular rack system as a base, which in turns allows you to add modular components as you see fit. Our rax can accept most industry add-ons, including Tonneau Covers. Accessories sold separately.

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proudly made in the usa

Overland Ruff Rax Modular Racks Designed & Built in Huntington Beach, CA.

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